Body Contouring Surgery

What is body contouring surgery?

In this procedure, individuals reshape and tone the tissue that supports fat and skin, while also removing excess or sagging skin and fat that remains after weight reduction surgery.

Who can benefit from this procedure?

While weight reduction surgery can help individuals reach their weight loss goals, the skin and tissues that were previously stretched out cannot conform to the new, smaller body size.  Therefore, the stretched skin can hang, sag or appear loose from the rest of the body.

What does body contouring surgery after major weight loss do?

This procedure can help you contour your body to a more natural appearing look.  It is considered the final stage of the weight reduction procedure process.  It can not only contour your body back to a natural and healthy look, it can help with your confidence and self-image.

Questions to ask

All patients have questions and concerns before undergoing this procedure after major weight loss.  That’s why it’s important to fully understand all aspects and you can do this by asking your doctor questions.  What will I need to do to obtain the best results?  What side effects can I expect?  How about complications, what are common complications to watch for?  How will this change my life on a daily basis?  How will this change the way I eat, or exercise, or other activities I like to participate in?  What type of training or experience do you have performing this procedure?  What technique is best for me and why? What are some stereotypes or myths about this surgery can clarify?

Be confident before going into your procedure – understand the entire process.  Be confident when you are recovering from your procedure.  Following the doctor’s orders really is important in this case.  Ask questions, be curious and stick to the doctor’s recovery plan and you will benefit the best from your body contouring procedure.

If you are looking for body contouring we have many great options.  We would be honored to set up a free consultation to have one of our surgeons answer all of your questions.