Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction MN

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, removes excess fat from various parts of the body. Neck liposuction removes fat, fat pockets or excess fat and skin in the neck and can help give you a new shape/contour and a healthier, thinner looking neck. In many cases, it helps with people who may be perceived as overweight because of a thick neck.

How is neck liposuction surgery performed?
Your surgeon will give you a local anesthetic and then proceed to make incisions in the neck with a cannula (which is a tube that can be inserted into the body that removes the fat). The cannula will break up the fat which is then suctioned out through a small vacuum. When the excess skin or fat is removed the incisions are closed and the procedure is complete.

Neck liposuction recovery
Those who undergo neck liposuction can’t wait to show off their new look. But be patient, as there will be a recovery period to heal from before the full results are seen. You will not only likely suffer from a sore neck, you could suffer from swelling, numbness, burning, bleeding, bruising and crusting. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers and you will also be asked to wear a compression bandage for up to a week. This helps the neck stay firm. When those three weeks is done, you still won’t see full results. In fact, the best results might not come for a year to six months. Think of it this way: The more fat that is removed, the longer your recovery will likely be. Keep in mind, younger patients, who have firmer skin, may see better results than older patients with looser or sagging skin. But either way, the results are effective and can help you reach the look you desire through this procedure.

Neck Liposuction Minneapolis

What type of results can I expect?

Keep in mind, however, neck liposuction surgery is not a cure-all for those suffering from obesity and the natural aging process could result in changes as you age.